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The next step in the M&A Game

Keep up with every step, in an easy to use and understand platform

Created by S3M Partners


Fill the Gap.

End the Distance.

It can be very hard for what we call a “non-legal speaker” to keep up with a round of investment or a M&A process.


After working as lawyers alongside start-ups and technological companies, it became very clear that this is the reality that many founders and entrepreneurs find themselves in many stages of the investments rounds.


There is a gap that leaves this kind of entrepreneur in the dark when they are making important deals regarding their own companies and ideas.


The M&A Flow is born exactly to this end. To fill the gap and to end the distance. To put the founders and entrepreneurs at the same level with the other players in the game.

Upload in Cloud Server

You can upload every document and access it anywhere, anytime. Make reviewing, signing and scheduling meetings much quicker, expediting the entire process.

Entrepreneur's Friendly

Easy way to keep up with the round of investments and/or M&A processes. Be on top of the processes your company is taking part. An effective follow up: where it comes from and where it is going.

Legal Support

Many times, founders and entrepreneurs have very specific and direct questions concerning a particular part of the process. The M&A Flow provides legal consultation with specialized lawyers 

The end of the foots long e-mails chains

Notification sent to all parties registered on the platform regarding scheduled meetings or any changes made in a document, providing flow and speed to the whole process.

One Place for Every Process.

We know that companies can go through innumerous M&A processes. The M&A Flows provides a space where every and each one of them can be stored and administrated. When we talk about start ups and rounds of investments this becomes even truer. From early-stage financing to round Z, everything can be storaged and kept on the platform.

Conceived as a customizable timeline, parties can insert the steps they are going through as the process develops. They can upload important documents, sign them digitally, schedule meetings and exchange important information.


Everything in a safe environment, where all the data is storaged in cloud servers that can be access anywhere, anytime.


M&A Flow. The next step in the M&A game.


Let's talk about numbers


Start-ups in the European Environment


incubators just in Portugal


the worth - in euros - of the start ups in Lisbon alone 


M&A deals in the 1st half of 2022


amount - in dollars - the M&A deals summed to in the 1st half of 2022


law firms just in Lisbon

Time to step into the game!

With a multi-tasking platform – easy to use, easy to understand – where lawyers, investor and founders can keep up with the process they are going trhough together.


Everyone speaking the same language, at the same time, being able to act, supervise and keep up with the entire process.

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